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Exclusive Interview: Young Guns Writer Austin Moorhead


It’s become cliché for gamers to make jokes about how their parents told them they were wasting their lives playing those damn video games while standing next to the sports car they just bought with the money they made in a video game tournament. But for anyone who wonders how professional video game playing became something that’s no joke, there’s Young Guns: Obsession, Overwatch, And The Future of Gaming (paperback, Kindle, audiobook). In the following email interview about it, writer Austin Moorhead discuss what prompted him to write this book, as well as the famous sports book that influenced his approach.

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Funko Announce Blizzard Overwatch POP! Toys

Funko have announced that they’ll release a series of POP! toys based on the upcoming Blizzard shooter Overwatch this May.

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Game News: Watch Dogs Clothing Announced

The British video game-themed clothing and apparel company Insert Coin Clothing have announced that they will release a line of shirts, hats, and other apparel based on Ubisoft’s upcoming cyberpunk action game Watch Dogs.

According to the announcement, they’re hoping to launch the collection “as soon as possible at the end of the year.”