The Worst Video Games Of 2021


By any measure, 2021 was a terrible year. And while some games made it better — hence their inclusion on my Best Video Games Of 2021 list — there were also some that made it so much worse.


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The Best Video Games Of 2021


While 2021 has been a terrible year, it was actually a pretty good one for games. Way better than the last couple, anyway.

Here, in the order I played them, are my favorite games of 2021. ...CONTINUE

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“Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy” Video Game Review


It doesn’t matter what you put on a pizza; if the cheese, sauce, and crust aren’t good, the pizza won’t be good, no matter what you pile on top. The same is true for combative action games. If the ...CONTINUE

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“No More Heroes 3” Review


If South Park, Rick & Morty, and Saints Row IV have shown us anything, it’s that you can smart and stupid at the same time, even if the stupid stuff is immature or scatological, so long as ...CONTINUE

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“Quake (2021 Enhanced Re-Release Version)” Review


I’ve been very open about the fact that if you remake a classic game, you need to update it to modern standards (my reviews of the Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 remakes speak for themselves). But I’ve apparently ...CONTINUE

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Earth Defense Force: World Brothers review


The entertainment industry is just that: an industry. And the objective of any industry is to make money. Which is why entertainment people sometimes make cutesy versions of adult or all-ages things in hopes of expanding their (paying) audience ...CONTINUE

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“Star Wars: Republic Commando” (2021 Remake) Review


As the recent Resident Evil remakes have shown so clearly, bringing an old game to new systems really only works when you update them as well. One has only to play the excellent revamps of Resident Evil 2 or ...CONTINUE

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Worst Video Games Of 2020


2020 was one of the worst years in recent memory. But it was also, ironically, one of the worst years for bad video games. Or maybe I just managed to avoid them.

Either way, here is my rather short ...CONTINUE

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Best Video Games Of 2020


While 2020 was the worst year in recent memory, there were some bright spots, and not all of them involved Fleetwood Mac and fruit juice. There were some good video games as well.

Here, in the order I played ...CONTINUE

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