Exclusive Interview: “Sun Of Blood And Ruin” Author Mariely Lares


Putting a different spin on a work of literature isn’t new, but it is really popular these days thanks to books like Madeline Miller’s Circe and Jennifer Saint’s Ariadne.

It is in this tradition, but also in its own way, that we find Mariely Lares’ historical fantasy novel Sun Of Blood And Ruin (hardcover, Kindle, audiobook), which not only puts a unique spin on the character of Zorro, but also sets said story in an alt-history world.

In the following email interview, Lares discusses what inspired and influenced this story, which is the first book of a duology…and (if she has her way) maybe more.


Exclusive Interview: “Exit Black” Author Joe Pitkin


Back in the ’90s, there were a string of action films that could be described as “Die Hard on a….” There was “Die Hard on a bus” (Speed), “Die Hard on a boat” (Under Siege), and even “Die Hard on a famous plane not a lot get to go on” (Airforce One).

But Joe Pitkin’s new sci-fi thriller novel Exit Black (paperback, Kindle, audiobook) is one upping them all — well, with the movie references, anyway — by being “Die Hard on a space hotel…with Knives Out.”

To find out how, and why, as well as the who, what, and a more specific where, check out the following email interview.


Exclusive Interview: “Zombicide Invader: Death System” Author S.A. Sidor


Don’t you hate it when you’re wrongly convicted and sent to space prison, only to have your escape plans altered by zombies?

While this has happened to most of us, it can still be interesting to read how other people handled this predicament.

Which brings me to author S.A. Sidor, who, in the following email interview about his new zombie-infested space prison novel Zombicide Invader: Death System (paperback, Kindle, audiobook), explains what inspired and influenced this sci-fi horror story, as well as how it connects to both the titular board game and the other novels its inspired.


Exclusive Interview: “Stations Of The Tide” Author Michael Swanwick


To hear writer Michael Swanwick talk about his fantasy-flavored science fiction novel Stations Of The Tide, you’d think he wrote it last week and then rushed it into bookstores.

But Stations Of The Tide actually came out in 1990, when it was first serialized in Asimov’s Science Fiction, and then released in hardcover a year later.

It’s because of its continued relevance — and its contunuing popularity — that Tor have decided to release a new version of Stations Of The Tide as part of their “Tor Essentials” series (paperback, Kindle, audiobook).

In the following email interview, Swanwick talks about what originally inspired and influenced this novel, as well as how it fit into his oeuvre.


Exclusive Interview: “Plastic” Author Scott Guild


While we think of action figures as things that kids play with and adults use as decorations, some have used them to tell deeper stories. Obviously, Barbie comes to mind, but there’s also Welcome To Marwen, 11 seasons of Robot Chicken, and Todd Haynes’ “lost” Karen Carpenter bio-pic, Superstar.

Now writer Scott Guild is doing something similar in Plastic (hardcover, Kindle, audiobook), a socially and politically comedic novel.

In the following email interview, Guild discusses what inspired and influenced this toy story.


Exclusive Interview: “The Parliament” Author Aimee Pokwatka


In Aimee Pokwatka’s new novel, The Parliament (hardcover, Kindle), some owls surround a library.

But that’s not what this “supernatural thriller wrapped around a dark fantasy story. It’s magical realism…” story is all about.

(Or is it?)

To find out, please read the following email interview.


Exclusive Interview: “Bugsy & Other Stories” Author Rafael Frumkin


In the following email interview about their first collection of short stories, Bugsy & Other Stories (paperback, Kindle, audiobook), writer Rafael Frumkin somewhat defers when asked about genre.

But when asked whether this collection has an underlying theme, there’s no equivocation: “life on the margins.” 

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“Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown” Review


As a fan of acrobatic action games, I’ve been waiting 14 years for Ubisoft to make another Prince Of Persia in the vein of 2010’s The Forgotten Sands.

But as someone who goes back with this series to the days of old, when it was a side-scrolling hack & slash action game, I’ve also been waiting 21 years for Ubisoft to make a Prince Of Persia that brings me back to when I used to play the original and 1993’s Prince Of Persia 2: The Shadow And The Flame.

Well, twenty-five year old me can now rest easy, as Ubisoft have given us Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC), which is not only the best Prince Of Persia game since Sands, but the best side-scrolling one since Flame.


Exclusive Interview: “Your Shadow Half Remains” Author Sunny Moraine


You can’t have a story these days, in any medium, that’s about a pandemic without someone assuming it’s all about Covid.

But while Sunny Moraine does say Covid was the “immediate inspiration” for the short story they turned into their horror novella Your Shadow Half Remains (paperback, Kindle, audiobook), in the following email interview, they explain how it’s more about things they’ve been writing about for years.