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“Welcome To ParadiZe” Review


As you’ve probably noticed, most zombie survival games take a serious approach to making you survive the undead apocalypse.

But by striking a different tone — and a slightly different viewpoint — the third-person single-player / co-op Welcome To ParadiZe (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC) manages to put a different spin on the genre. Not a better one; not a worse one; but one that’s certainly different, which, in turn, makes it rather fun.

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Ivo Perelman, Mark Helias, Tom Rainey: “Truth Seeker” Review


When it comes to music, we don’t always know what we’re going to get, even when we know the players.

But occasionally, you can get a good idea.

Case in point: On April 5th, 2024, jazz saxophonist Ivo Perelman and pianist Matthew Shipp will release their latest in a long line of collaborations, Water Music, a quartet recording that also features bassist Mark Helias and drummer Tom Rainey.

But right now, you can get a sense of how well Perelman, Helias, and Rainey work together courtesy of their new trio album, Truth Seeker (digital). And given that Shipp has collaborated with Perelman frequently, and with Helias a couple times (Pathways, The New Syntax), well…


Exclusive Interview: “RJ The Astronaut” Author Jon Turney


In his science fiction novel RJ The Astronaut (paperback, Kindle), writer Jon Turney has a stranded astronaut having a conversation with what may or may not be God.

But as Turney says in the following email interview, RJ The Astronaut is not a faith-based sci-fi story, but a sci-fi story about faith…and why that’s a distinction with a difference.

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Exclusive Interview: “Halo: Epitaph” Author Kelly Gay


With four previous novels based on the Halo games under her belt, it’s not surprising that writer Kelly Gay’s newest, Halo: Epitaph (paperback, Kindle, audiobook), would connect to the other novels she’s written about the titular sci-fi shooter series.

But as she explains in the following email interview, this installment is actually more connected to someone else’s Halo novels than her own.


Exclusive Interview: “The Butcher Of The Forest” Author Premee Mohamed


For the Chinese, 2024 is the year of the wood dragon.

For the people of India, it is the year of Saturn.

But for bookshelves, it’s going to be the year of Premee Mohamed, who has at least three, and possible as many as five, books coming out this year, starting with the dark fairytale fantasy novella The Butcher Of The Forest (paperback, Kindle).

In the following email interview, Mohamed explains what inspired and influenced this tale, while also discussing the two others that have been scheduled for release: The Siege Of Burning Grass (out March 12) and We Speak Through The Mountain (out June 18).

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“System Shock Pinball” for “Pinball M” And “Pinball FX” Review


Released in 1994, the cyberpunk sci-fi first-person shooter System Shock has since become one of the most influential games of the last thirty years. Not only did it inspire numerous spiritual successors (BioShock, Thief) and other sci-fi shooters (Half-Life, Deus Ex), but also third-person games in the stealth action (Metal Gear Solid) and survival horror genres (Resident Evil).

And yet, it is considered more a cult curiosity than a known classic among many gamers, especially those who didn’t play it when it came out…or weren’t alive at the time.

Which makes it all the more curious, and a pleasant surprise, that System Shock is being honored by the good people at Zen Studios with the release of System Shock Pinball, an add-on for their games Pinball M and Pinball FX (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Switch, PC).

Doubly so since the table is as ’90s as the original game.


Exclusive Interview: “Sun Of Blood And Ruin” Author Mariely Lares


Putting a different spin on a work of literature isn’t new, but it is really popular these days thanks to books like Madeline Miller’s Circe and Jennifer Saint’s Ariadne.

It is in this tradition, but also in its own way, that we find Mariely Lares’ historical fantasy novel Sun Of Blood And Ruin (hardcover, Kindle, audiobook), which not only puts a unique spin on the character of Zorro, but also sets said story in an alt-history world.

In the following email interview, Lares discusses what inspired and influenced this story, which is the first book of a duology…and (if she has her way) maybe more.


Exclusive Interview: “Exit Black” Author Joe Pitkin


Back in the ’90s, there were a string of action films that could be described as “Die Hard on a….” There was “Die Hard on a bus” (Speed), “Die Hard on a boat” (Under Siege), and even “Die Hard on a famous plane not a lot get to go on” (Airforce One).

But Joe Pitkin’s new sci-fi thriller novel Exit Black (paperback, Kindle, audiobook) is one upping them all — well, with the movie references, anyway — by being “Die Hard on a space hotel…with Knives Out.”

To find out how, and why, as well as the who, what, and a more specific where, check out the following email interview.


Exclusive Interview: “Zombicide Invader: Death System” Author S.A. Sidor


Don’t you hate it when you’re wrongly convicted and sent to space prison, only to have your escape plans altered by zombies?

While this has happened to most of us, it can still be interesting to read how other people handled this predicament.

Which brings me to author S.A. Sidor, who, in the following email interview about his new zombie-infested space prison novel Zombicide Invader: Death System (paperback, Kindle, audiobook), explains what inspired and influenced this sci-fi horror story, as well as how it connects to both the titular board game and the other novels its inspired.