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Insert Coin Announce Uncharted, Jak & Daxter, Lemmings, And The Order Clothes

England’s Insert Coin have announced that they will release a series of shirts and other clothes based on such PlayStation games as UnchartedJak & Daxter, Lemmings, and The Order. This is the company’s second series of PlayStation clothes and accessories.

Starting with Uncharted, Insert Coin will release a replica of Nathan Drake’s shirt…

Drake henley_Twitter


…a replica of his scarf…



…and a baseball jersey-style shirt in honor of Sullivan’s seaplane, which appeared in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and in the multiplayer map “The Fort” in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Hog Wild


Next, Jak & Daxter fans can get a lot of “What does that mean?” when they wear these OTTSel shirts anywhere other than at a video game convention…



…as can fans of Lemmings, who have their choice of blue and green when it comes to this funny shirt.

Base Jumping_Twitter


Finally, fans of The Order can stay warm in this hoodie…



…or can be cool in this Galahad’s Gentleman’s Barbershop t-shirt…

Galahad's Barbershop_Twitter


…and these King Arthur’s Blackwater shirts, which come sleeved and sleeveless.



All of these items are expected to be out in “late Spring.”

As for prices, Insert Coin typically charges £22.00 (around $32.50 for us in the colonies) for t-shirts and baseball jersey shirts,  £40.00 to  £50.00 ($60.00 to $75.00) for hoodies, £40.00 to  £45.00 ($60.00 to $66.50) for long-sleeved shirts like the Nathan Drake one above, and £20.00 ($30.00) for scarves.

For more info on these or their other video game-inspired clothing and accessories, visit Insert Coin’s website.



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