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GAME NEWS: Star Wars Pinball For 3DS Announced

Zen Studios have announced that they’ll release Star Wars Pinball for the 3DS on September 19.

Available through the Nintendo eShop, the collection will include the first three tables in the series: StarWars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back…

Star Wars Pinball 3DS Episode V

Bob A Feet, I mean Boba Fett…

Star Wars Pinball 3DS Boba Fett


…and Star WarsThe Clone Wars.

Star Wars Pinball 3DS The Clone Wars



The 3DS version will also include the progression system included in other versions of the game, as well as friends-based Team Score leader boards.

It will not, however, include the new tables slated to be in the Balance Of The Force expansion, which won’t be out this fall, though those tables will be added to the 3DS edition at a later. You can read more about those tables here.

Star Wars Pinball for the 3DS will be $6.99.

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