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GAME NEWS: Star Wars Pinball: Balance Of The Force Announced

Zen Studios and LucasArts have announced that Star Wars Pinball: Balance Of The Force — the second collection of Star Wars pinball tables — will be available this fall.

The collection will consist of three tables, all of which are based on the original trilogy.

In the announcement, Zen Studios Creative Director Neil Sorens said, “The ancient Jedi prophecy foretold one who would bring balance to The Force. They probably didn’t imagine that balance would come in the form of two huge, equally matched armadas engaged in desperate battle above Endor, or in the form of a rogue Jedi nearly eliminating his own order and then, much later, his Sith master. If those prophets could have seen this all come to pass in the new Balance Of The Force pinball tables, they’d be flipping out.” (Sadly, we think that pun was intended.)

All three of the tables will work for Zen’s different pinball games, which are available on XBLA, the PlayStation Network, the Nintendo Shop on the WiiU, Apple’s App store, Google Play, Windows 8, and the Kindle Fire.

The tables include Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi…

Star Wars Pinball Episode_VI_Table_Playfield


Starfighter, which is all about the space ships in the movies…

Star Wars Pinball Starfighter_Assault_table_Playfield


…and Darth Vader, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Star Wars Pinball Darth_Vader_Table


Zen and Lucas also released a teaser trailer for the collection…


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