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DVD NEWS: Two Vintage Doctor Who Collections Announced

BBC Home Video have announced that they will release two vintage Doctor Who collections in April and May, respectfully, which had been previously thought to be lost.

First up is the April 22nd release of Doctor Who: The Web Of Fear, which will be followed on May 20th by Doctor Who: The Enemy Of The World.

Doctor Who web cover

Both collections features the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, with the former first airing in 1968, and the latter coming from 1967. The irony being that Fear actually aired right after Enemy.

While both collections feature digitally-remastered video and sound, there’s no word on what, if any, extras will be included (though if the British versions are any indication, Fear will only have a trailer for Enemy).

Doctor Who Enemy

Both discs are currently available for pre-ordering from Amazon, with Doctor Who: The Web Of Fear listed for $16.99 and Doctor Who: The Enemy Of The World for $17.98.



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