Music News: Reissues Of “Led Zeppelin I,” “II,” And “III” Announced


The remaining three members of Led Zeppelin have announced that they’ll be reissuing their 1969 self-titled debut, their second album (which came out later that year), and 1970’s III — all with previously unreleased live and studio recordings — on June 3rd.

All three of the albums, which are being newly remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page, will be released on both CD and 180-gram vinyl, two-disc deluxe editions also on CD and vinyl, and digitally. In addition, there will also be boxed sets of all three albums that will include the deluxe versions on CD and vinyl, codes for the digital files, hardcover books of photos and memorabilia, a print of the respective album covers, a replica of the album’s promotional press kit; the first 30,000 of these boxes made will also be numbered.

Led Zeppelin deluxe

As for the bonus discs…

in the two-disc deluxe editions, the one for their eponymous debut will be of the band’s October 10, 1969 show at the Olympia in Paris, where they played “Good Times Bad Times > Communication Breakdown,” “I Can’t Quit You Baby,” “Heartbreaker,” “Dazed And Confused,” “White Summer/Black Mountain Side,” “You Shook Me,” “Moby Dick,” and “How Many More Times.”

The second disc for Led Zeppelin II will include eight studio tracks, including the previously unreleased “La La,” alternate versions of “Whole Lotta Love,” “What Is And What Should Never Be,” “Heartbreaker,” “Ramble On,” and Moby Dick,” and the backing tracks for “Thank You” and “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman).”

Finally, the Deluxe version of III will the previously unreleased instrumental “Jennings Farm Blues,” a blues jam on the songs “Keys To The Highway” and ”Trouble In Mind,” an instrumental version of “Out On The Tiles” called “Bathroom Sound,” and alternative versions of “The Immigrant Song,” “Friends,” “Celebration Day,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” “Gallows Pole,” and “That’s The Way.”

Both Amazon and iTunes currently have the different versions of all three albums available for pre-ordering.

For their debut, Amazon has the regular CD will be $17.99, the regular vinyl version will be $28.18, the Deluxe CD edition will be $20.67, the Deluxe vinyl version will be $54.32, and the boxed set will be $134.75, while iTunes has the digital edition for $13.99.

Similarly, Amazon is listing the regular CD of Led Zeppelin II for $17.99, the regular vinyl version for $28.18, the Deluxe CD edition for $20.67, the Deluxe vinyl version for $43.84, and the boxed set for $134.75, while iTunes has the digital edition for $13.99.

Finally, Led Zeppelin III will also be $17.99 for the regular CD at Amazon, $28.18 for the regular vinyl version, $20.67 for the Deluxe CD, $43.84 for the Deluxe vinyl version, and $134.75 for the boxed set, while the digital version will be $13.99 from iTunes.

No word as to why the deluxe vinyl version of the first album is more expensive, though that could be a mistake.

For info on these reissues, visit Led Zeppelin’s official website.



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