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TOY NEWS: Thor: The Dark World Toys Announced

Diamond Select Toys have announced that they will be releasing a series of toys based on the upcoming movie Thor: The Dark World.

Like the movie, the toys will all be out this November.

First up will be an assortment of eight different Minimates, which will be sold in packages of two: Thor with Malekith, Loki with Heimdall, Dr. Erik Selvig with Dark Elf, and Darcy Lewis with Dark Elf.

Thor The Dark World Minimates

Each Minimate is two-inches tall, and has its own accessories, including a helmet for Loki, Mjölnir for Thor, and, oddly, a pair of shorts for Dr. Selvig.

For the second batch of Thor: The Dark World toys, D.S.T. will release a pair of 7-inch tall figures of Thor and Jane Foster.

Thor The Dark World action figure copy

Or, as your mom will call them, “that hot guy I like and the woman who was in that movie with the guy who wears a mask, what’s her name again, honey?”

Thor The Dark World Jane

Both figures will have sixteen points of articulation, and will each include one half of a base that fit together.

No prices for any of these toys have been announced.

Thor: The Dark World will be in theaters on November 8.


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