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Toy News: Funko Announce Wreck-It Ralph & Disney POP! Figures


Funko have announced that they will release new POP! Vinyl Action Figures of different Disney characters — including the stars of the movie Wreck-It Ralph — on October 10.

First up, there will be four POP! toys for Wreck-It Ralph, including Mr. Ralph himself (#1)…

Wreck-It Ralph 01 Wreck-It Ralph


…his nemesis Fix-It Felix, Jr. (#2)…

Wreck-It Ralph 02 Fix-It Felix


…his gal pal Vanellope Von Schweetz (#3)…

Wreck-It Ralph 03 Vanellope


…and the bad guy, King Candy (#4).

Wreck-It Ralph 04 King Candy


There are also plans to make one for Turbo, but since pictures of that one weren’t ready yet, they sent along this instead:

Turbo Bling


Though, between you and me, this just makes him look like a zombie version of Speed Racer.

In addition to the Ralph figures, Funko will release two sets of POP! Minis on October 10: one of Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University

Wreck-It Ralph Sulley & Mike

…and a second with Ariel and Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Wreck-It Ralph Ariel & Ursula


While the two-fers are not available for pre-ordering from Amazon yet, all five of the Ralph POP! Figures are, and are listed for $17.99 each (though some are listed wrong for some reason; I’d wait until that gets sorted before you order).

As always, for more info on these or their other toys, visit Funko’s website.



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