Exclusive Interview: Not So Stories Editor David Thomas Moore


In 1902, British writer and journalist Rudyard Kipling published the short story collection Just So Stories, an anthology of fables about how different animals came to be. But this is not 1902, and some of the stories in Kipling’s collection are, well, not as enlightened as we are in 2020. Or, more to the point, 2018. That was the year that Abaddon Books originally published Not So Stories (paperback, Kindle), a collection of short stories in which writers of color have put their own spins on Kipling’s tales, or responses to them. With Not So Stories being newly rereleased, I spoke via email with the collection’s editor David Thomas Moore — the fiction commissioning editor at Rebellion Publishing, and the editor of such anthologies as Creatures: The Legacy Of Frankenstein — to discuss how and why he put this collection together.