Exclusive Interview: Grimm Star Bree Turner


For years, actress Bree Turner was known as “that girl from Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” or “the cheerleader in Bring It On Again” or “Whatshername from that movie The Ugly Truth. No, not that one the other one.” But all that changed two years ago when she landed the role of Rosalee Calvert on the fantasy flavored drama Grimm. Originally hired for a five episode stint at the end of the first season, both Bree and Rosalee were so embraced by fans of the show that she was upgraded to one of the show’s stars before the season even ended.

With the third season of Grimm about to end, and a fourth already in the planning stages, I spoke to Bree about her upgrade, the impact the show has had on her career, and why she took what has becoming a pivotal role in her career.