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Funko Announces “Gotham” POP! Toys

Funko have announced that they will release a series of toys inspired by the Batman prequel TV show “Gotham” this September.

Included in the series are James Gordon (#75), who later becomes Commissioner Gordon…

Funko POP! 75 James Gordon


…Harvey Bullock (#76)…

Funko POP! 76 Harvey Bullock


…Bruce Wayne ($77), the future Dark Knight…

Funko POP! Gotham 77 Bruce Wayne


…Oswald Cobblepot (#78), a.k.a. Penguin…

Funko POP! Gotham 78 Oswald Cobblepot


…Selina Kyle (#79), who grows up to be Catwoman…

Funko POP! Gotham 79 Selina Kyle


…and Fish Mooney (#80).

Funko POP! Gotham 80 Fish Mooney


All of these toys will be 3.75-inches tall, and will retail for around $19.99 when they come out in September.

For more info on them or any of their POP! toys, visit Funko’s website.


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