Exclusive Interview: “The Reinvented Detective” Editors Jennifer Brozek & Cat Rambo

You’d think with all the advances in technology lately that it would be difficult to get away with a crime. But then, they probably thought the same in the ’70s and the ’50s and so on.

That’s because for every advancement in crime prevention tech and crime investigation tech, there’s just as many in the tech used to commit crimes.

How will crime, and crime prevention evolve in the future? No one knows for sure, but it’s interesting to imagine the possibilities.

Or, more apropos, to read what other people imagine are the possibilities.

Which brings me to the following email interview with Jennifer Brozek and Cat Rambo, editors of the new cyberpunk science fiction short story anthology, The Reinvented Detective (paperback, Kindle, audiobook).

In this Q&A, Cat and Jennifer discuss where they got the idea for this book, how they found the writers, and how it fits, thematically, with the previous installment of their Reinvented Anthology series, The Reinvented Heart.