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Blindspot: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray, DVD Review

Like The Blacklist and Designated SurvivorBlindspot is one of the ridiculously unrealistic but super fun high-concept dramas that are de rigueur on network television these days. But if you’re such a fan of this action show that you’d like to have every season in your personal collection, you might be a bit disappointed in Blindspot: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray and DVD.

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The Blindspot The Complete Second Season Blu-ray, DVD Review

Like The Blacklist, Designated Survivor, and The Last Ship, the TV show Blindspot is a ridiculous, unrealistic, and over-the-top action show that’s like a weekly version of a big dumb action movie. Which is what makes it so much fun. Though what also makes the Blindspot The Complete Second Season Blu-ray and DVD so much fun is that it augments this explosive season with informative and interesting extras.