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Sexy Jason Voorhees Statue Announced

Kotobukiya have announced that they will release a Bishoujo statue of Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th movies — if Jason was a sexy lady, that is — this November.

Friday The 13th Jason


Sculpted by Takaboku Busujima (Busujimax), the 1/7th scale statue stands 8.5 inches tall, and comes with a custom base.

And here, because I know you’ve always wanted to see Jason Voorhees’ butt…

Friday The 13th Jason butt


This is not the first time Kotobukiya has reimagined a movie monster as a woman, as they previously made one of Freddie Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street movies.

Oh, and look, they even sent a picture of the Freddy Krueger statue and the Jason Voorhees statue together, as if they were a pop group about to perform a dance number.

Friday The 13th Freddy And Jason


The Jason Voorhees Bishoujo statue is currently available for pre-ordering from Amazon for $74.99.


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