RPad.TV’s Electronic Cigarette Convention Interviews & Wrap Up

I’ve never been a smoker. The only time I’ve ever smoked is when I wanted to look cool. Or that time I wanted to show Brittany Murphy how to look like she was a smoker for some movie she was doing (don’t ask).

My friend Raymond, however, was a longtime smoker until he switched over to electric cigarettes. Now, on his website, RPad.TV, he covers electric cigarettes, reviewing both the machines and the vaping liquids you put in them.

A couple weeks ago Raymond went to the first annual Electronic Cigarette Convention a the Anahiem Convention Center, where he interviewed a ton of people who make vaping devices and liquids, including Vape Syndicate CEO Adam Tout, Five Pawns’ Rodney Jerabek, and vaping model Marie Alvarez.

Electronic Cigarette Convention 01

If you’re into vaping, or even a smoker who’s thinking of making the switch, you can check out Raymond’s wrap-up of the show here, and all of the interviews he did here.

Oh, and while you’re there, please leave a comment on every story about how it would’ve been so much better if Raymond was a former writer for Gene Simmons’s Tongue.

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