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Guardians Of The Galaxy Mystery Mini Toys Announced

Funko have announced that they will release a series of Guardians Of The Galaxy Mystery Minis in July, just in time for the movie’s August 1st opening.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Mystery Minis 01

Included in this series are the movie’s villains Ronan The Acuser (who’s played by The Hobbit‘s Lee Pace) and Nebula (Dr. Who‘s Karen Gillan), as well as all of the Guardians: Star-Lord (Parks And Recreation‘s Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana from Star Trek), Drax The Destroyer (WWE wrestler Dave Bautista), Rocket (who’s voiced by The Hangover‘s Bradley Cooper), and Groot (who’s voiced by Vin Diesel from the Fast And Furious movies).

All of the figures having bobbing heads, and in addition to the regular versions, there will also be glow-in-thedark versions of Drax and Nebula.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Mystery Minis main:02

And in a rather unusual move, all of the figures will have the same rarity scale.

For more info on these and their other Mystery Minis, visit Funko’s website.


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