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Ghostbusters Dorbz Toys Announced

Vinyl Sugar have announced that they will release a series of Ghostbusters Dorbz toys this December.

Included in the series are Peter Venkman (#66)…

Vinyl Sugar Ghostbusters Dorbz 066 Peter Venkman


…Ray Stantz (#67)…

Vinyl Sugar Ghostbusters Dorbz 067 Ray Stantz


…Egon Spengler (#68)…

Vinyl Sugar Dorbz Ghostbusters 068 Egon Spengler


…and Winston Zeddenmore (#69).

Vinyl Sugar Dorbz Ghostbusters 069 Winston Zeddemore


All four toys are 3-inches tall, will retail for $19.99 each, and are obviously designed to look like Taylor Swift’s cat.



For more info on these or any of their Dorbz toys, visit Vinyl Sugar’s website.

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