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Funko Announces New Thor POP! Action Figures

Having already released POP! vinyl action figures of Thor (both regular and black & white editions) Loki, and a Dark Elf from the movie Thor: The Dark World, Funko have announced that they will release other characters from that film and the original Thor film this September.

Included in this series are another version of Loki (#54)…

Funko Pop Thor 53 Loki


…Big Poppa himself, Odin (#54)…

Funko Pop Thor 54 Odin


…the racist-annoying Heimdall (#55)…

Funko Pop Thor 55 Heimdall


…and that wonderful woman Lady Sif (#56).

Funko Pop Thor 56 Lady Sif


As always, all of these toys will be 3.75-inches tall.

For more info on these or any of their other POP! vinyl action figures, visit Funko’s website.


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