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Funko Announce Babymetal & Doraemon POP! Toys


Fans of anime, manga, and Japanese metal idol rejoice! Funko have announced that they will release Babymetal POP! toys this December, preceded by a Doraemon POP! toy this November.

For the Babymetal toys, they’re making one each of Su-Metal (#43)…

Funko POP! Babymetal 43 Su-Metal



Yuimetal (#44)…

Funko POP! Babymetal 44 Yuimetal



…and Moametal (#45).

Funko POP! Babymetal 45 Moametal



As for Doraemon, Funko are just making the one toy at this time (#58).

Funko POP! Doraemon 58


All of the POP! toys are 3.75-inches tall, and will be $19.99 each. You can pre-order the Su-Metal and Yuimetal ones by clicking on their names above.

For more info on these or other POP! toys, visit Funko’s website.



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