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Chewbacca And Greedo Fabrikations Announced

Funko have announced that they will release Fabrikations action figures for Chewbacca and Greedo, with the former coming out in November, while the latter is out in September.

Funko’s Fabrikations figures (say that ten times fast) are what they call “soft sculptures,” which doesn’t mean they’re stuffed animals, just that they’re not hard plastic, and often have cloth clothing.

For instance, see Greedo’s vest:

Funko Fabrikations Greedo


Meanwhile, Chewbacca is covered in fur.

Funko Fabrikations Chewbacca


Both are six inches tall and are guaranteed to fill the hole in your soul (not guaranteed in any galaxy not far, far away).

Both are also available from Amazon, though while the Chewbacca one is currently listed for pre-order at $19.99, Greedo is apparently already available for $29.99. Go figure.

As always, you can find more info about these and other Funko Fabrikations at Funko’s website.



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