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Vinyl Sugar Announce Shaun Of The Dead Vinyl Idolz Toys

Vinyl Sugar have announced that they will release a pair of Shaun Of The Dead Vinyl Idolz toys this September.

Included in this series are Shaun (#20)…

Vinyl Sugar Vinyl Idolz Shaun Of The Dead 20 Shaun


…and Ed (#21).


Vinyl Sugar Vinyl Idolz Shaun Of The Dead 21 Ed


Both figures are 8-inches tall, have removable bases, and were designed by Evil Corp.

They will also retail for $29.99 each, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon by clicking on their names above.

You can also get both figures together for $54.99 by clicking here.

Vinyl Sugar previously made Vinyl Idolz for Shaun and Ed, I mean Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, for their movie Hot Fuzz. You can read about those toys here.

For more info on these or their other Vinyl Idolz, visit Vinyl Sugar’s website.


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