“Transformers Animated: Season 3” & “Complete Series” DVDs Announced


Shout! Factory have announced that they will release both Transformers Animated: Season Three and The Complete Series on DVD on June 10th.

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While Transformers Animated: Season Three will have the final season’s thirteen episodes, the six-disc boxed set The Complete Series — which will only be available from Amazon.com — will have all forty-two episodes, as well as episode commentaries by David Kaye, who does the voice of Optimus Prime; writer Marty Isenberg; director Matt Youngberg;, voice director Susan Blu, who’s also the voice of Arcee; and character designer/art director Derrick Wyatt.

Amazon has both collections available for pre-ordering, with Transformers Animated: Season Three listed for $14.96, and Transformers Animated: The Complete Series for $34.99.



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