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Ghostbusters POP! Vinyl Figures Announced

Funko have announced that they’ll release a series of POP! Vinyl Figures of the characters from Ghostbusters in April and May.

Included in the series are Bill Murray’s character, Dr. Peter Venkman (#104)…

Ghostbusters 104 Dr. Peter Venkman


…Dan Aykryoyd’s, Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz (#105)…

Ghostbusters 105 Dr. Raymond Stantz


…Dr. Egon Spengler (#106), who was played by the late Harold Ramis…

Ghostbusters 106 Dr. Egon Spengler


…Slimer (#108)…

Ghostbusters 108 Slimer


…the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (#109), which stands 6-inches tall, as opposed to the usual 3 and 3/4-inches…

Ghostbusters 109 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


…and their car, Ecto-1, which comes with a figure of Ernie Hudson’s character, Winstin Zeddemore (#04).

Ghostbusters 04 Ecto-1


All five of the character figures will be out in April, with the Ecto-1 following in May.

As always, you can learn more about these and Funko’s other POP! figures at their website.


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