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TOY NEWS: Gentle Giant Announce New Star Wars Action Figures

Gentle Giant have announced that they’ll release two new Star Wars action figures — both of which are inspired by the original Kenner action figures — in the third quarter of 2014.

The latest in the line of 12-inch replicas of the original Kenner toys, the Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear) figure is based on the original 3 & 3/4-inch tall action figure from Episode VI: Return of The Jedi that your mom didn’t buy you that year for Christmas no matter how hard you cried.

Star Wars HothRebelSoldierKenner


As with all of their Kenner reproductions, the Rebel Soldier figure comes with the same details and articulation as the original, along with his Bespin blaster. It also comes in a resealable version of the original packaging. When released, it will retail for $85.00.

Star Wars HothSoldierPackagingConcept


But the big news, literally, is that Gentle Giant are also making a 6-foot tall reproduction of the Kenner Stormtrooper action figure. Like the Rebel Soldier, the Stormtrooper Life Size Vintage Monument too will have all the details of the original toy, including his blaster. This hand-painted figure will be a very limited edition, and will cost $2,300.00. Or rather, that’s what it’ll cost your mom when you guilt trip her for not buying you the Rebel Soldier when you asked for it in the ’80s.

Star Wars KennerStormtrooperMonument

As with all of their action figures, Star Wars and otherwise, you can get more information or pre-order either figure, or both, from Gentle Giant’s website.

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