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TOY NEWS: Funko & Super7 Announce Parnership & Alien Toys

Toy makers Funko and Super7 have announced that they will collaborate on a series of toys dubbed ReAction Figures, which they’ll launch in late November with a series of retro-style Alien action figures.

Originally revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, these 3 ¾-inch tall Alien toys are supposedly based on designs for ones that were originally designed when the movie came out in 1979, but were never manufactured, and will even come in vintage-looking packaging.

The series includes the titular star, who has a removable transparent dome, a glow-in-the-dark head, and extendable jaws; Ripley and Dallas, both of whom come with flame throwers; Ash, who has the motion detector; and Kane, who’s in his space suit, which has a removable helmet.


All of the Alien figures will have 4 points of articulation. Or maybe 5. It’s hard to tell from the pictures if their heads move.

According to the press release, Alien figures are just the first of “several licenses to be announced soon.”

No pricing has been announced yet, and the figures aren’t yet available for preordering on Amazon, Funko’s website, or Super7’s, but we’d assume they’ll cost more in November of 2013 than they would’ve in November 1979.


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