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TOY NEWS: Funko Announces New Star Wars Toys

Funko have announced that they will release the fourth series of Star Wars toys on October 24.

Unlike many of their POP! vinyl toys, these aren’t free-standing, but instead come with their own bases.

Included in this fourth series are Wicket (#26)…

Star Wars 26 Wicket


Jar Jar (#27)…

Star Wars 27 Jar Jar


Admiral Ackbar (#28)…

Star Wars 28 Akbar


Queen Amidala (#29)…

Star Wars 29 Amidala


Lando Calrissian (#30)…

Star Wars 30 Lando


…and R2-D2 (#31).

Star Wars 31 R2D2

All of these toys are currently available for pre-order from Amazon for $11.99 each.

For more infomation on these Star Wars toys and others, visit Funko’s website.

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