Toy News: Captain America & Star Wars Bookends Announced


Gentle Giant have announced that they will release bookends featuring both Captain America’s shield and the symbol of the Rebel Alliance next fall.

First, for fans of the Star Wars saga who’d like to take up arms against The Empire, the Rebel Seal Bookends are 5.24-inches tall, hand-painted, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

USE RebelSealBookends5

They will retail for $70.00 for the pair.

Similarly, the Captain America Shield Bookends are also hand-painted and include certificates of authenticity, though the dimensions for them were not announced. Though I’d expect they’ll be bigger than the Rebel Seal ones since they cost a little more, $99.00 for the pair.


For more information about these or their other bookends, visit Gentle Giant’s website.



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