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The LEGO Movie DVD, Blu-ray, And Digital Announced

Warner Home Video have announced that they will release The LEGO Movie on DVD, as a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack, and digitally on June 17th.

The LEGO Movie cover

Along with the movie, both the DVD and DVD/Blu-ray combo pack of The LEGO Movie will include deleted scenes, outtakes, a commentary, “Batman: A True Artist,” “Michelangelo And Lincoln: History Cops,” “Enter The Ninjago,” “Bringing LEGO To Life,” “‘Everything Is Awesome’ Sing-Along,” “See it! Build it!,” “Stories From The Story Team,” “Fan-Made Films: Top Secret Submissions, a digital copy of the movie, and what they’re calling “Additional Promotional Content.”

In addition, the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack will also include “Dream Job: Meet The LEGO Builders.”

The LEGO Movie is currently available for pre-ordering from Amazon, with the DVD listed for $14.96, as a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack for $24.99.


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