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Exclusive Interview: Forza Horizon 4 Creative Director Ralph Fulton

In anticipation of their open world racing game Forza Horizon 4 being released October 2nd on Xbox One and PC, the good people of Microsoft and Playground Games held an event last week at The Microsoft Lounge in Culver City, California where they gave journalists a chance to play the opening of the game. After doing so, I spent a few moments with Creative Director Ralph Fulton to discuss some of the things I noticed during my drive.


Exclusive Interview: Halo Envoy Author Tobias S Buckell

Like books based on movies, TV shows, and other games, the novels based on the Halo games do their best to feel like they fit in with the shooters that inspired them. But with his new novel Halo Envoy (trade paperback, mass market paperback, digital) — in which a civil war between the Sangheili threatens the peace on a world where they and human colonists are trying to make a new life for themselves — writer Tobias S Buckell has actually come up with a story that doesn’t just compliment the Halo games, it could work as a game as well.

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Candleman Review

In yet another example of how old genres can still learn new tricks, I present Candleman (Xbox One), a puzzling platformer that has you, as the titular form of illumination, running and jumping his way through a complicated and dark world much like you have before and will undoubtedly do again.