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Exclusive Interview: “Aliens: Vasquez” Author V. Castro


In a movie full of colorful characters, Aliens‘ bad ass space marine Jenette Vasquez still managed to stand out. It is just too bad we don’t get to know her better. Or rather, it was… Now, fans of this bad ass soldier can get to know her better, and her family, too, in V. Castro’s new novel Aliens: Vasquez (hardcover, Kindle, audiobook). In the following email interview about it, Castro discusses the scope of this military sci-fi space opera horror story, as well as how her own heritage informed it.


Exclusive Interview: “Mestiza Blood” Author V. Castro


With the cover declaring it, “A short story collection of nightmares, dreams, desires & visions of the Chicana experience,” you might think you have all the information you need about V. Castro’s new short story collection, Mestiza Blood (hardcover, paperback, Kindle). But as you’ll learn from the following email interview with Castro, there’s more to this collection than you might expect.