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Exclusive Interview: “Halo: Outcasts” Author Troy Denning


Having read nearly all of the novels based on the Halo games, and having interviewed many of the people who’ve written them, I’ve always thought of these books (and the games, and the comics…) as sci-fi space opera stories. But in the following email interview with Troy Denning, the author of seven Halo novels — including the newest, Halo: Outcasts (paperback, Kindle, audiobook) — he explains why these books (and games, and comics…) are more hard science fiction and space marine stories than anything operatic.

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Exclusive Interview: “Halo: Shadows Of Reach” Author Troy Denning


With Halo: Shadows Of Reach (paperback, Kindle, audiobook), author Troy Denning continues to be the writer with the most stories set in the universe of Master Chief, The Covenant, and the other denizens of this sci-fi first-person shooter series. In the following email interview, Denning discusses how this military science fiction story connects to the games and the other Halo novels, his and others, as well as why he enjoys visiting this turbulent universe of someone else’s creation so much.

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Exclusive Interview: “Halo: Oblivion” Author Troy Denning


In 2018’s Halo: Silent Storm, writer Troy Denning explored a largely untapped time in the life of Master Chief: his life before the events of his first game, Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s a story (and a time) Denning is now expanding upon with Halo: Oblivion (paperback, hardcover, Kindle). In the following email interview, Denning talks about what inspired this sci-fi space opera story, the role the Halo overlords of 343 Industries had in crafting the plot, and what kind of game they could make out of this novel.