Exclusive Interview: “There Before The Chaos” Author K.B. Wagers


Last year, science fiction writer K.B. Wagers’ Beyond The Empire brought their epic sci-fi space opera trilogy The Indranan War to a close…sort of. As they mentioned in the interview we did back then for that book [which you can read here], Beyond The Empire was the third and final book of The Indranan War, but that The Indranan War was just the first trilogy; a second, The Farian War, would be starting with the October 9th release of There Before The Chaos (paperback, Kindle).

With October 9th finally upon us — or past us, depending on when you read this — I once again bugged Wagers via email to us everything we need to know about the new book, this second trilogy, and whether we’ll ever see our hero on the big or small screen.