The Jimi Hendrix Experience: “Hollywood Bowl, August 18, 1967” Review


In their three years together, The Jimi Hendrix Experience played more than 300 shows together. And in the 54 years since they broke up, it feels like they’ve released nearly as many live albums.

But the new Hollywood Bowl, August 18, 1967 (CD, vinyl, digital) is somewhat unique in being that it comes from a show where most of the attendees, if not all, were unfamiliar with the band, let alone the music they were about to, well, experience.

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Los Angeles Forum: April 26, 1969” Review


Released in 1990 as part of the Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story boxed set, the concert presented on The L.A. Forum Concert has long been the best live recording of The Jimi Hendrix Experience from their Electric Ladyland tour. And now it’s even better thanks to Los Angeles Forum: April 26, 1969 (CD, digital, vinyl), a remastered, more readily available, and (more importantly) complete recording of that excellent show.