Exclusive Interview: “Waking Gods” Author Sylvain Neuvel


In his novel Sleeping Giants, writer Sylvain Neuvel told his giant robot sci-fi story through a series of interviews and journals, which made for a quick and fun read. Now he’s continuing the story, and the format, with ...CONTINUE

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Best Books Of 2016

In 2015, I kept a record of the best books I read that year, regardless of when they were originally published.

Since people liked this story, I decided to repeat this process for 2016.

So, here’s a look at ...CONTINUE

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Exclusive Interview: “Sleeping Giants” Author Sylvain Neuvel


In his debut novel Sleeping Giants (hardcover, digital), writer Sylvain Neuvel uses interview transcripts and journal entries to tell the story of how a young girl from South Dakota found an enormous metal hand, and then ...CONTINUE

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