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“Alan Wake II” Review


It’s always risky when the hero of a video game series hands the reigns to someone else. For every time it’s worked (Marvel’s Spider-Man 2), there are just as many when it didn’t (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty).

Thankfully, the third-person survival horror game Alan Wake II (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/SPC.) falls squarely in the former category by being just as much fun when Mr. Wake is missing as it is when he’s around.

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“Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways” Review


Like seconds of a good meal, add-ons for video games can sometimes be more of a good thing, sometimes just more of the same, and sometimes just too much. Thankfully, it’s the former category that we find Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways, an add-on for the recent and excellent remake of Resident Evil 4.

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Summer Game Fest 2023 Hands-Off Preview: “Alan Wake II”


Two weeks after unveiling an impressive new trailer for their upcoming third-person survival horror shooter Alan Wake II, the fine folk from Remedy Games gave journalists a deeper look at this scary shooter behind closed doors at this year’s Summer Game Fest, which was held June 9th and 10th at Los Angeles’ City Market Social House. And while we didn’t get to take the game for a test drive, the live demo did make this attendee even more excited for this scary game, which will be released October 17th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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“The Callisto Protocol” Review


It’s always annoying when a game designer refuses to admit their game is like someone else’s. “So, it’s a sci-fi first-person shooter in which a genetically-modified super soldier in power armor fights religious aliens on a circular world…and you don’t think it’s like Halo? Really?” Thankfully, the good people at Striking Distance Studios who made The Callisto Protocol (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC) aren’t afraid to admit that their third-person sci-fi survival horror action game is a lot like 2008’s third-person sci-fi survival horror action game Dead Space. And not just because some of them worked on both games. But while The Callisto Protocol is very Dead Space-y, it does add some new elements that make it more compelling than a clone.

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“Resident Evil 2” (2019) Review


Released in 1998, the original Resident Evil 2 was, at the time, one of the better survival horror games ever made. But times change, and if 2015’s faithful remake of Resident Evil is any indication, the original Resident Evil 2 wouldn’t hold up today. Thankfully, the good people at Capcom have gone a different route with this new edition of Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), which not only boasts modern-style controls, but reworks other aspects to make this feel like…well, not a whole new game, but certainly a revived one.

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“Resident Evil Revelations” Review


Like so many Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Revelations has been repeatedly rereleased, with an updated version for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, WiiU, and PC coming just a year after it debuted on the 3DS in 2012. Now it’s been upgraded again for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with still another version for the Switch coming later this year, with that edition including a voucher for a copy of Resident Evil Revelations 2. But while this new edition doesn’t add enough to make it worth buying a second time, or a third, for fans of this series who missed this installment before, this is yet another chance to be the gun-totin’ hero in a horror movie.