Exclusive Interview: Flocks & Flyways Co-Creators Stephanie Palermo & Matt Hickman


While it may seem like all anyone plays these days are video games, card games have actually been making a resurgence of late. And I don’t just mean Magic: The Gathering, UNO, or Mystic Warlords Of Ka’a. But while some recent card games share the same basic tenets as those classics, many have taken their mechanics in different and often deeper directions, resulting in card games that involve more than just shuffling the cards and hoping you don’t get Enchanted Bunny, again.

One such game is Flocks & Flyways, a strategic card game about migratory birds that’s currently looking for funding via Kickstarter (which you can access here). But in talking to its co-creators — designer Stephanie Palermo (who, I’d like to disclose, I work with sometimes in her capacity as a video game publicist) and designer/artist Matt Hickman (who’s worked as a designer on such video games as Alpha Protocol, Aliens: Infestation, and Doki Doki Universe, though I don’t know him) — it’s clear that while they’ve designed their card game to be deep, it’s not necessarily complicated.