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Exclusive Interview: Alter Army Developers Mridul Bansal & Mridul Pancholi

When I was fifteen, and playing arcade games at the local community center, I couldn’t have told you where India was on a map if you gave me a hint. So you can probably imagine how envious I am of Mridul Bansal and Mridul Pancholi, two fifteen-year-olds from India who, under the name Vague Pixels, have just released their first video game, Alter Army, which you can get for PC and Mac on Steam here.

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For Honor Review

So a Viking, a samurai, and a knight walk onto a battlefield…. While this sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, it’s actually the loose premise of For Honor (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC), a third-person hack & slash action game that isn’t funny…but isn’t all that fun, either.