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“Mighty Doom” Review


Under normal circumstances, there’s no reason to read a review of a free game (and thus no reason to write one). Reviews are supposed to tell you whether you should spend your money on something. If a game is free, you can just try it for yourself.

But along with advising you to buy something that’s good, or warning you not to buy something that’s bad, reviews are also supposed to expose you to good things you might not know about. Which is why I wrote this review of Mighty Doom (iOS, Android). After the debacle that was Diablo Immortal — by which I mean the way people overreacted to its monetary aspects, not the game itself, the game was good — I worry that some people view think this arcade shooter, which is also a mobile version of a console / PC game, is just as a cash grab, and thus miss out on all of its gun-ny goodness.