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Exclusive Interview: Loot Gaming Brand Creative Lead Mandie Roman

In the four years since Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo started Loot Crate — the service that sends subscribers a box of geeky goodies every month — the company has not only included tons of gaming toys, collectibles, and t-shirts, but they’ve also done one-off, single-theme creates for the Mass Effect games and Fallout 4. So it was clearly a no-brainer when they started Loot Gaming, a spin-off that sends subscribers a box of game-related fun stuff. But how do they decide what games to include, and what goes in a regular Loot Crate instead of the Loot Gaming one? To find out, I blindly sent the following questions to Loot Crate and was happily surprised when I got answers back from Mandie Roman, Loot Gaming’s Brand Creative Lead.