Exclusive Interview: “Destroyer Of Worlds” Author Larry Correia


It’s either a really good time to be a fan of writer Larry Correia…or a really bad one. Not only has he just released Destroyer Of Worlds (hardcover, Kindle), the latest book in his Saga Of The Forgotten Warrior series, but the paperback version of his short story collection Target Rich Environment Volume 2 is coming out at the end of the month, the paperback of Monster Hunter Guardian, the latest in his Monster Hunter series, will be released November 24th, and a new novel, Gun Runner, is scheduled to come out in February of next year. And that’s not even counting the paperback version of the Saga Of The Forgotten Warrior novel House Of Assassins, which came out in March, or the paperback edition of Noir Fatale, a short story collection he co-edited with Kacey Ezell.

All of which is why it’s a really good time to do an email interview with him about Destroyer Of Worlds, Target Rich Environment Volume 2, and the rest of his new releases.