Exclusive Interview: “Nightwatch On The Hinterlands” Author K. Eason


Writer, author, and noted agnostic Robert Green Ingersoll once said that, “In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.” And no one learned that the hard way like Rory Thorne, the main character in K. Eason’s fairy tale-infused sci-fi novel How Rory Thorne Destroyed The Multiverse. But the consequences of Rory’s actions in Destroyed weren’t just limited to the follow-up novel, How The Multiverse Got Its Revenge; they’re continuing in Eason’s new one, Nightwatch On The Hinterlands (hardcover, Kindle), even though it takes place many, many years later (funny how that works). In the following email interview, Eason discusses what inspired this new story, including how it is also not the end of the story.