Exclusive Interview: Journey Through Genocide Writer Raffy Boudjikanian

More than a million children have been killed, raped, displaced, or otherwise harmed during the geocide in Darfur. In 100 days, the genocide in Rwanda claimed between half-a-million and a million lives. And it is estimated that 1.5 million died during the Armenian Genocide. Such numbers are frightening, but they can also be abstract, especially to those unfamiliar with what happened. In his new book Journey Through Genocide: Stories Of Survivors And The Dead (paperback, Kindle), CBC national reporter Raffy Boudjikanian takes a more personal approach to these tragedies through what he calls “a travel diary and a personal meditation.”

In the following email interview, Boudjikanian explains how this book came to be, why he took the approach he did, and what he hopes readers will get out of his book.