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The Best Video Games Of 2022


For years, I’ve started my “Best Video Games Of [insert year here]” lists by lamenting how it was a terrible year for games, but that there were some bright spots. Not this year. 2022 was easily the best year for games — well, the kind of games I like, anyway — in maybe 10 years.

Here, in the order I played them, are my favorite games of 2022.

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“Ghostwire: Tokyo” Review


On paper, the first-person, open world, action / adventure game Ghostwire: Tokyo (PlayStation 5, PC) seems like it’s similar to a lot of other shooters, including Cyberpunk 2077, Borderlands 3, and the Far Cry series. But within minutes of taking to this game’s ghost-filled streets, it became clear that this was not as typical as it might’ve seemed…except in how it was just as effortlessly fun.