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“Gears Of War 4: Single-Player Review


Since it began, the sci-fi, cover-based, third-person shooters in the Gears Of War series have been as much about their multiplayer and co-op modes as they are their story-driven campaigns. More so for some people. And the same is certainly true for the newest, Gears Of War 4 (Xbox One, Ultimate Edition Xbox One, PC, Ultimate Edition PC). But while we wait for the game to come out so I can test its online modes, here’s an assessment of the game’s story-driven campaign.

Video Games Xbox One

Gears Of War 4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

In anticipation of the third-person sci-fi shooter Gears Of War 4 being released for Xbox One on October 11th, Microsoft and The Coalition are holding an open beta for the game’s multiplayer modes starting April 18th for those who bought the Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition, and for everyone who has Xbox Live Gold status beginning April 25th.