Exclusive Interview: Black Star Author Eric A. Glover, Illustrator Arielle Jovellanos


Though it’s not the first thing to be called Black Star — just ask David Bowie, Michael Moreci, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, and Black Star Burger in L.A. — the science fiction graphic novel Black Star (hardcover, Kindle) does represent some interesting firsts. It’s the first full-length graphic novel and sci-fi story for illustrator Arielle Jovellanos, and one of the first releases by Megascope, a new line of graphic novels that, its website says, “[is] dedicated to showcasing speculative and non-fiction works by and about people of color, with a focus on science fiction, fantasy, horror, history, and stories of magical realism.” In the following email interview with Jovellanos and Black Star writer Eric A. Glover, they discuss what inspired and influenced this sci-fi thriller.