Exclusive Interview: The Punch Escrow Author Tal M Klein

A few years ago, in the science section of The New York Times, a physicist explained that the transporters from Star Trek were technically impossible. But while this is an assertion that writer Tal M Klein agrees with, that didn’t stop him from putting a teleportation devices in the center of his new sci-fi novel, The Punch Escrow (paperback, digital). Though as he admitted during the following interview, it was actually someone else’s negative feelings about transporters that led him to write this novel.

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Shadow Warrior 2 Review

When the original Shadow Warrior came out in 1997, it was dismissed by some, and embraced by others, for being yet another Doom-like first-person shooter. A sentiment that was echoed when the remake was released in 2013. But while Shadow Warrior 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) is thankfully more of the same, it’s also unfortunately just more of the same.