Exclusive Interview: The Prophet Of The Termite God Author Clark Thomas Carlton

There’s been times, over the years, when ants have invaded science fiction and fantasy the same way they invaded your kitchen that one summer. There were the big ones in the 1954 movie Them!, and the regular-sized ones in H.G. Wells’ 1905 short story “Empire Of The Ants” that were made into big ones for the 1977 movie Empire Of The Ants. And now we have The Antasy Series, a science fantasy trilogy by Clark Thomas Carlton that not only has big ants but also regular-sized ants that seem big because humans are a lot smaller. With the second book in the series, The Prophet Of The Termite God (paperback, Kindle) newly available, I spoke to him via email about what inspired this series, what influenced it, and his plans to bring this buggy series to a close.