Exclusive Interview: “August Kitko And The Mechas From Space” Author Alex White


Much like the Wu-Tang Clan, giant robots ain’t nothing to fuck with. But that’s not stopping author Alex White, whose new sci-fi space opera novel August Kitko And The Mechas From Space (paperback, Kindle, audiobook) — the start of the Starmetal Symphony trilogy — features (as White explains in the following email interview), “mecha fights, big space battles, and smooching.”

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Exclusive Interview: “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Revenant” Author Alex White


Having twice explored the Alien universe, and created one of their own in their Salvagers trilogy, writer Alex White is going where they’ve never gone before with their new Star Trek novel, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Revenant (paperback, Kindle, audiobook).

In the following email interview, White explains how this novel came together, when in the show’s chronology it takes place, and what non-Trek stuff influenced this noir-flavored sci-fi space opera story.

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Exclusive Interview: “Alien: Into Charybdis” Author Alex White


To fans of inventive science fantasy tales, Alex White is best known as the writer of the Salvagers trilogy: A Big Ship At The Edge Of The Universe, A Bad Deal For The Whole Galaxy, and The Worst Of All Possible Worlds. But to fans of the Alien and Aliens movie, White is known for their extended universe novel Alien: The Cold Forge.

Well, for the moment, anyway. Going forward, Smith will also be known for their second foray into xenomorphic fiction, Alien: Into Charybdis (hardcover, Kindle, audiobook).

In the following email interview, Smith explains what inspired this new bug hunt, how it connects to their previous one, and how writing them influenced their original novels, and vice versa.


Exclusive Interview: “A Bad Deal For The Whole Galaxy” Author Alex White


With A Bad Deal For The Whole Galaxy (paperback, Kindle), writer Alex White is continuing The Scavengers series they began last year with A Big Ship At The Edge Of The Universe.

In the following email interview, they discuss the origins of this space fantasy story, how it connects to the first, and their plans for the third.